How to Motivate Remote Workers in the Hybrid Age?

The introduction of hybrid and fully remote work has revolutionised the modern workplace. Even though it came as a blessing for some employees, it can be extremely challenging for others. 

When working from home, many employees live and work in the same space. Having no visible work-life distinction, with work and home life melding together, may significantly decrease their motivation and morale. 

There’s no denying that it's more challenging to master motivation in these conditions. Dressing up, commuting, drinking a coffee at your desk and taking a five-minute break with your best bud at work are important rituals that play a big part in motivation. Much of this cannot be replicated in a home working environment. It's these little moments that drive employees to keep going and their absence can negatively impact one’s work-day and dump down their spirit. 

However, all is not lost yet. With the right strategy and modern approach, you can turn the tide and use remote conditions to your advantage. 

motivate remote workers

Reimagining Motivation Programmes 

Motivating employees is always difficult, but never more so than now. So here are some ideas on how to motivate your employees, even if they work remotely. 

Employee Engagement Software 

Introducing employee engagement software is one of the simplest and most effective ways to motivate remote and hybrid employees. By incorporating elements of gamification, such as instant recognition and reward systems, these programmes can truly revolutionise your motivation strategy. With scoreboards, employee engagement surveys and analytics, you can appeal to the competitive side of your employees and motivate them to compete with their colleagues. And all that in a healthy, supportive manner! 

By mixing competition with positive reinforcement strategies, you can successfully engage your employees and inspire them to do their best. With a little help from gamification, you can also encourage them to create bonds and facilitate communication.  


If you want to keep your employees informed, I encourage you to organise regular check-ins. These check-ins can take the form of a Slack thread, a short Zoom meeting, or a Google Form. They will help you keep team members on track, as well as create an atmosphere of transparency and clarity. On top of that, the need to provide an update on the tasks pushes employees to finish their work within deadlines and creates a sense of accountability.  

It also creates a sense of unity and strengthens communication between remote teams and teammates. When working remotely, employees can feel disconnected from their colleagues and the company itself, so keeping in touch can significantly boost their motivation. 

Digital Buddies 

The research found that peer recognition is a top factor that pushes employees to excel at their responsibilities. When colleagues recognise each other’s contributions, it strengthens their relationships and builds trust. Introducing the initiative of digital buddies is a good idea to actively increase levels of motivation and promote cooperation. 

By building a strong culture of recognition, your organisation can significantly increase satisfaction levels and inspire its employees to be more productive and proactive. Sometimes the best motivator for employees is another teammate. 

Remote tracker boards 

As I mentioned before, appealing to employees’ competitiveness is one of the most effective methods to increase levels of motivation and engagement. By introducing tracker boards and publicising performance, you can encourage team members to reach their goals. By inspiring friendly rivalry between colleagues, you can uncover their true potential. 

By making results more visible, you can also encourage peer recognition. 

Workplace competitions 

Office wellness programmes are a valuable addition to company life and are essential to its success and sustainability. However, taking employee well-being seriously does not mean it cannot be fun.  

In fact, applying game-inspired elements, such as progress bars, competition and rewards can effectively increase motivation and engagement, as well as improve employee well-being. What’s more, gamified wellness challenges are inherently social. By introducing fun and playful competitions, you can boost team spirits and motivation high while building camaraderie and connection. 

Online and offline team building events 

There's no denying that team members who work remotely have fewer opportunities to meet with their peers. To give them a chance to spend time together, learn more about each other, and enjoy each other’s company, I highly recommend organising online and offline team-building meetings

Social bonds are a powerful motivator, and a lack of company culture can contribute to company turnover and burnout. If you want to keep your employees energised and motivated, I advise you to organise attractive company meetings. I assure you that such events will help you boost their creativity, collaboration, and overall enjoyment. 

Hybrid Cooperation 

Understanding how to motivate remote and hybrid employees requires some strategic planning and the right digital tools. The best way to motivate employees is to diversify their day-to-day work and create an environment where they can thrive. 

Provide them with a collaborative space, such as Microsoft Teams, and a platform, such as a corporate intranet, where they can keep up with company news and updates to create a sense of belonging. Connect these tools to ensure that the hybrid workplace enables even better collaboration than the physical workplace.