your team

through gamification

Use mechanics well-known from games and boost the employees' engagement in pursuing business goals.





Engaging employees in a effective requires solutions based on healthy competition and building loyalty.

Grow Uperion is a platform for motivating employees tailored to their needs, as well as the company's expectations. Thanks to the use of mechanisms known from games, such as a reward system, employee leaderboards and emails with congratulations after completing a task, engagement, productivity and team spirit are boosted.


Grow Uperion applies gamification to everyday tasks – by introducing an element of fun and healthy competition to encourage employee enthusiasm and engagement.

Goals and challenges
Track progress with leaderboards
Collaboration, fun and healthy competition
Reward and recognition system

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How can we

support you?

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Effective education and training sessions

Training and rapid implementation of changes from onboarding to offboarding

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Support in achieving the targets

Individual, company, team or CSR goals- - you name it

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Recognising individuals, as well as teams

Recognition, personalized motivation

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Employee advocacy

Loyalisation, less turnover, improved communication, inclusion

Support employees at every stage of your company's employment cycle!

How it works?

Invite employees to the company's world of gaming

Use interactive tools based on game mechanics

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Sharing and testing the knowledge

Quizzes, tests, open questions

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Rankings and statistics

Individual, team, group summaries

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Automated motivation and KPI tracking

Individual motivation funnels, smart scenarios for each employee

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Commitment to a bigger goal

Sense of mission in business objectives, while also having fun

Apply Grow Uperion

at any stage of the employment cycle

A single platform to engage your employees in your preferred business goals.
Tailored to each stage of the employee employment cycle
Scalable - adaptable to any number of employees
Effective knowledge transfer and testing
Clear insight into individual and team progress

Why is

it worth using

Grow Uperion ?

Companies with engaged employees achieve a 37% higher sales revenue and 31% higher productivity.

Shawn Achor, "The Happiness Advantage”


  • Module-based - possibility for long-term planning or ad hoc activities
  • Insight into employee development and personalised incentives
  • Optimisation of employee benefit programme costs
  • Supporting and rewarding talent

Your employees:

  • Individual and team support in carrying out daily tasks
  • Revitalising a sense of purpose, recognition
  • Fun, integration, games
  • Loyalisation, reduction of turnover rate



Employees from 7 Unilever markets had to be trained in an area of knowledge that had nothing to do with their daily tasks. The work of the internal team over a long period of time resulted in around 20% of the employees getting involved and attending the training sessions. After implementing the Grow Uperion platform, 85% of registered users completed the entire training path in the allotted time, absorbed the content, and had fun in the process.

The sales department needed to encourage its salespeople to broaden their range of interests. The introduction of Grow Uperion, equipped with a fun and relevant message, resulted in more than half of the sales force meeting their quarterly goals in less than 6 weeks during the low season.


Maciej Lasoń

Head Of Communications East Europe, Unilever


A sales team needed to encourage representatives to broaden the spectrum of their activities beyond what has been generating the biggest bonusses. The implementation of Grow Uperion, through its funny communication scheme, resulted in over half of all representatives achieving their quarterly targets within six weeks, even doing so in the off-season. A very clear and engaging form has been combined with operating on real business KPIs. Activation managed to fit several levels of motivating salespeople and their managers - both individually and as a team.




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